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Ticket Booth Rental


Do you run a Special Event? Is your Ticket Booth more of a Ticket Table under a pop-up tent?

Besides not being very classy, it really NOT secure or safe! The solution would be a lockable

secure dedicated Ticket Booth with individual windows, space for administrative tasks complete

with fans or air conditioner to keep you crew safe and comfortable. Until now, the only option was

continue in the open tent or rent a booth from out of state! You pay for the rental PLUS a huge

fee to transport the booth to and from Las Vegas. Now you can rent a booth from us!!!

Trailer is self container. All you do is plug it in to power.

Delivery charge includes: delivery of unit, set-up, tear down

and return of the unit.

Trailer is available for rent by the day.

For pricing and availability email us at: info@lasvegashaunts.com

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