We are famous for our ALL VOLUNTEER Cast. Sometimes people ask why we use volunteers? Simple answer…Because they WANT to be here!! We actually tried a paid cast twice. Both times we had issues with the actors and our customers asked what happened to our actors, they weren’t as good as usual!!

Since Haunts only pay minium wage, AND we’re only open 18-20 nights, it’s really easy to just blow off coming in if anything else comes up! Paid actors seem to focus on their next break. The volunteer actors focus on the next SCARE!

Our Cast members are volunteer and they are here because they LOVE to scare people! It’s what motivates and invigorates them! We really take cast of pur crew because they become “family” members! We feed the cast because many come straight to the Haunts from work or school so having a free meal is really convienant for everyone. We have a big Awards Ceremony after the Season, usually at a cool place like Defy Trampoline Park. There are awards, actors earn t-shirts or the coveted Haunt Hoodie if you have perfect attendance. We do several activites throughout the year, all free to the actors. We go the places like Defy, Battle Blast Laser Tag, Pole Position, Cowabunga Bay Water Park, Galaxy Theatres. It gives everyone a chance to reconnect, relive past seasons and bond with their fellow actors!

Most of our Core Actors have been with us 12-15 YEARS!! Let’s face it, it’s just FUN to Scare the Piss out of someone!!! Yes we really scare people enough that they soil themselves, (on average 1.8 times a night). Our attractions are Actor Driven and our actors are the BEST!! So if you want to SEE the Best, come visit the Asylum & Hotel Fear. If you want to BE the Best, audition this season and experience it for yourself!

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