WELCOME TO OUR BLOG!!! Owning and operating a Haunted House Attraction is a unique business, to say the least! The questions we get are quite different from that of a “normal business”. We do get a lot of the same queries like: “How did you get in the business?”, “What else do you do?”, ” Is your real house haunted”, “How do you come up with ideas?”, “What’s scary?”….the list goes on and on. It seems the best way to answer these and other questions would be to address them in a BLOG! So again….Welcome to our Blog!

Besides questions about the haunts from customers, I get a lot of questions from other owners and operators. I have been outspoken in the industry since we first started in 1999. I have been a featured writer for Hauntworld Magazine, the industry’s leading publication, a featured seminar speaker numerous times at the TransWorld Haunted House Trade Show, and a speaker at IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions), this is the convention for major parks like Disney, Universal, Six Flags and the like, even a Board Member for the industry’s Association. This isn’t just to brag (well maybe a little), but to show you that the information and knowledge I share has real value and content. People have paid hundreds of dollars to gain such information. You get access just for being a fan of Las Vegas Haunts!

Being heavily involved in the industry a big question I get is, “If you are so involved in teaching about the Haunt Industry, why don’t you do a Blog or Pod Cast?” So, I guess my answer has always been an excuse like I’m busy or I don’t know if people would be interested. Excuses to say the least. I do realize than a lot of people are like me, I LOVE to hear information from behind the scenes. I’ve been able to get special behind the scenes tours of many of the best haunts in the country, even a special tours behind the scenes of Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror! So, if I enjoy it, I think other people might too!!

If I take the excuses out of the equation, then I guess it’s time to start Blogging!  With an Asylum as one of our themes, there are definitely some whisperings coming from the shadows. Our Hotel Fear theme contains several hidden passages and secret doors, so it too has its share of whispering voices!  Hence the title, “Whispers from Within the Shadows”.  My goal will be to give you some insight into our attractions, a few non-spoiler behind the scene peeks and some insight into the haunted house industry! If you have some unanswered questions pertaining to our industry just log onto our Facebook page (www.LasVegasHaunts.com/Facebook)  and start a conversation!  So, buckle up and we’ll take this joint adventure into one of the most unique industries together!

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